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All enquiries can be directed to relevant staff where necessary. Account enquiries may be directed to Nicole Bishop, quotations to John Galligan or Neil Wood, Production and press check enquiries to John Evans. This direct contact allows us to provide an immediate response from the responsible person.

Quality and Presentation Improvements
Graphic Print Group are continually undertaking and exploring the latest technology and materials available worldwide to produce product that can improve the finished result at the most competitive cost.

Print Management / Warehousing
Currently Print Management is conducted using an internal system from which we can provide reports of current stock and stock movement on a regular basis, or on request. We are currently in the final stage of product evaluation for an integrated system which will allow direct online access to stock holdings.

Graphic Print Group currently provide Print Management, Storage and Warehousing for customers, notably Weber-Australia, Maggie Beer, Elders, Adventure Tours Australia, Advertiser Ltd and Woods Bagot.

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